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In Cameroon an estimated 1.6 million households, or 76% of rural households, are not connected to the electricity grid of AES SONEL. They depend on kerosene lamps to meet their light needs.

Kerosene, as a source for light is expensive. Rural households spend on average 15% of their monthly revenue on the purchase of kerosene. Kerosene lamps produce smoke which is toxic to human health and also gives poor light!

Having access to good light directly improves performance in education, health and economic activities. It supports social and cultural activities and generally enhances people’s well-being.

The mission of Light4all Cameroun is simple: provide light for all Cameroonians by 2020. High quality light that uses renewable energy, is sustainable and at affordable prices for people living in rural areas. We promote solar energy, small-scale hydropower and mechanical forms of energy generation. More

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