Light4all, the new solar lantern ! this is the only solar lantern that is accessible to all. With a system of buying light credits pre-paid every one can effort to buy this high quality source of electric light through a purchase agreement called Rent2own.

Light4all is an innovative and intelligent way to bring electric lighting to rural areas. The Light4all lantern is based on an existing lantern combined with advanced and robust management technology.

The lantern so far has found tens of thousands of satisfied users, mainly in Africa. It arrived there through ordinary sales channels as well as partly subsidized through projects. In the long run, solar light is known to be cheaper then petrol light, but the up frond investment necessary for cash-purchase of solar lanterns was found to be beyond the means of most rural households.

We have now developed a pre-pay system of buying solar light. This creates the possibility for all rural households to have access to good quality electric light, which is why we have called it the LIGHT4ALL Lantern.  With pre-pay light, customers pay for the light they use and the eventual purchase of the lantern is done with the same small payments, and this hire-purchase will eventually result in ownership – “Rent2own”.

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