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S² Services Sarl (S²) is a group of engineers, managers and experts with worldwide experiences striving to bridge sustainable development between the western world and Sub-Saharan Africa. The main founders of S2 are Africans natives who have studied and worked for many years in western countries and Europeans who have shown interest in Sustainability and Sub-Saharan Africa as Business host. With a mixed team of well aware Europeans and Africans, they have the speed to cope with the western’s way of doing business and the patience to navigate successfully throughout the hurdles presented by any business development and implementation in Africa.

“Integrating Sustainability into business practices in Sub-Saharan Africa”

S² Services Sarl mission is to bridge the developed world and Sub-Saharan Africa by creating and developing a platform of sustainable cooperation between both parties. This is achieved through networking, capacity building, business consulting and management, projects development and management; all taking into account the three pillars of the concept of sustainability: Equity, Environment and Economy.

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S² Services SARL – Sustainable Solutions’ Services SARL
Address: Rue Drouot, P.O.Box 12218 Douala

Durando Ndongsok (MBA In Resources & Environment, BSc. Mechanical Engineering), Managing Director  
Hervé Azemtsa (MBA In Resources & Environment, BSc. Mechanical Engineering), Operations Manager

Tel: +237 33 42 34 78 | +237 79 52 55 03 | +237 79 52 61 20
Email: info@s2-gmbh.com Web: www.s2-gmbh.com